Z-Wave Smart Home Solutions Tech Talk by Silicon Labs

Z-Wave Technology

Silicon Labs have released an insightful webinar about Z-Wave Smart Home Solutions. Presented by leading engineer Eric Ryherd, the webinar features the solutions and benefits of Z-Wave Technology. This is a useful webinar for anyone who wants to know more about Z-Wave!

On Thursday the 23rd of April Silicon Labs hosted Z-Wave Smart Home Solutions, their sixth webinar in the series of “Tech Talks”. The webinar was presented by Eric Ryherd, a Z-Wave expert with over 15 years of experience in the technology. Mr Ryherd has dealt with Z-Wave since 2003, working as a Z-Wave Consultant before becoming a Field Applications Engineer for Silicon Labs.

Mr Ryherd began by talking about Z-Wave interoperability and the large community and product range it has created over its two decades of existence. Z-Wave Technology now offers over 3000+ certified products, and powers over 17% of homes in the US. Mr Ryherd continues by talking about Z-Wave’s world class security encryption. With Z-Wave technology everything is secure, using AES 128 encryption as well as the Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hillmen key exchange for their latest S2 Version of devices.

Z-Wave Facts

Mr Ryherd continues by talking about a useful Z-Wave innovation for DIY installers. SmartStart offers pre-packaged solutions for installers, by simply scanning a QR code before delivery, devices using SmartStart will automatically join the network when powered up, offering easy and fast installations for DIY and professional installers. Next, Ryherd spoke about the latest range of 700 series devices, which offer improved long range, low power consumption, increased computation and easy development options.

An interesting topic discussed throughout the Tech Talk is Z-Wave Interoperability certification which guarantees all products work together. He demonstrates this and proves the longevity of Z-Wave devices, talking about how one of the first Z-Wave devices, released in 2001, can still communicate with a recent 700 series device. This useful device certification means products which carry the certification guarantee interoperability between all the different devices from different manufacturers.

The webinar also talks about Silicon Labs’ new Z-Wave open standards specification and the future for Z-Wave technology moving forward. Mr Ryherd addresses the Z-Wave Alliance’s transition to become a Standards Development Organisation, and their plan to release the first open Z-Wave certified product in early 2021. The reasoning for these advancements is to make Z-Wave the defacto Sub-GHz Standard, striving for more innovation, more markets, less confusion and more verticals.

Z-Wave Interoperability Certification

The Silicon Labs webinar is a must watch for anyone using or interested in Z-Wave Technology. The Tech Talk provides insightful information and updates for viewers and shows you future for Z-Wave Home Automation.

Check out the webinar below!

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