As pioneers in promoting, certifying, and distributing Z-Wave products and systems in Australia

In 2009, Digital Home Systems became the first company in Australia to promote, certify, and distribute Z-Wave products and systems. Our goal is to raise awareness about Z-Wave technology and provide businesses with the resources they need to install, sell, and promote Z-Wave products and services for the consumer market.

As of 2018, we have partnered with over 500 companies in Australia and New Zealand. Our partners are involved in various aspects of promoting, developing, and installing Z-Wave devices, including installation services (lights, security systems, doors, air conditioning, etc.), distribution, builders, architects, and retailers.

Digital Home Systems is also an official Fibaro distributor in Australia. We have been distributing Fibaro products for over 10 years and offer a wide range of devices, including the Fibaro Home Center 3.

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The Benefits of Working with DHS

Partnering with DHS offers numerous benefits for professionals and businesses in the home automation and commercial industry. Here are some key advantages:

Quality Assurance

DHS ensures that every Z-Wave device meets the technical requirements necessary for compatibility with Australian homes and businesses. This commitment to quality control ensures reliability and customer satisfaction.

Training and Support

DHS provides comprehensive educational and training resources for installers, empowering them to become DHS Z-Wave Certified Installers. Additionally, businesses receive promotional materials and product specifications to effectively market to potential customers.

Market Insights

By actively listening to feedback and ideas from Australian consumers, worldwide markets, and partners, DHS gains valuable insights into consumer preferences. This enables them to select products that are ideal for the Australian market, enhancing the success of partners.

Educational Resources

DHS provides access to a wealth of resources, including educational materials on Home Automation and Z-Wave Technology, information on the benefits of Z-Wave Home Automation Solutions, and case studies showcasing Z-Wave's applications in both residential and commercial environments.

Join Over 700 Companies in the Z-Wave Alliance

DHS is a proud member of the Z-Wave Alliance, a worldwide network of over 700 companies that offer products and services powered by Z-Wave technology. When you partner with us, you’ll have the opportunity to become part of the Z-Wave Alliance. The Z-Wave Alliance offers numerous membership benefits, including certification by the Z-Wave Alliance, access to Z-Wave Alliance marketing materials, product specifications, and much more.

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