Intelligent KNX Technology

DHS is also a KNX. We currently offer over 2000 different KNX devices and are constantly adding new devices as they become available and updating existing versions.

The Evolution of Smart Homes

What is KNX Solution?


KNX is an open standard for automating things in buildings, both residential and commercial which is not tied to any specific manufacturer or technology. It has been eagerly adopted by many international manufacturers who together provide a vast array of KNX-certified products. KNX is the most flexible and consistent system available on the market, allowing different devices and systems to communicate seamlessly with each other.

Standardized and reliable: Unlike some proprietary systems, KNX is an established international standard (EN 50090, ISO/IEC 14543). This ensures wider compatibility and future-proofing.

Imagine devices from various manufacturers speaking the same tongue. KNX allows different brands of lighting systems, thermostats, security sensors, etc. to all work together seamlessly.

KNX can manage lighting, blinds, heating/cooling (HVAC), security systems, and even appliances. It creates a smart environment where everything works in sync.

With KNX, you can control everything from a central hub or even your smartphone. It can also optimize energy use, saving you money on utility bills.

KNX for Every Kind of Project

KNX technology is perfect for high-end residential and light commercial installations, offering incredible quality and automation options for installers and end-users.

Control Your Entire Home, From Anywhere

KNX technology allows a broad range of home automation devices to communicate with each other, even if they are from different manufacturers, and can even be integrated with other automation systems

smart blinds


Effortlessly open or close your shades or sun protection screens with a single tap on your smartphone or tablet. Adapt settings based on weather conditions, conserving energy by closing blinds on hot summer days or during storms. Wake up gradually with the gentle morning sun.

The-Best-Smart-Lighting for Alexa Google Assistant and HomeKit


Ensure efficient light management, ensuring lights are off when not needed. Forgot to switch them off? Dim your lights easily from anywhere in the world with your smartphone or tablet. Motion sensors activate lights upon entering a room, eliminating energy waste. Customize light scenes for any occasion, adjusting color and intensity with a single touch to match your mood.


Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Efficiently manage room temperature based on time of day or room function. Enjoy a preheated bathroom for your morning shower, then lower the temperature during the day to return to a comfortable home. Automatically deactivate heating when away to save energy costs. Stay cool with an efficient air-conditioning system. Control your HVAC remotely for a refreshing homecoming on hot days.

Home security cameras - choose the right CCTV for your property


Automatically activate your alarm system upon locking the door. Motion sensors detect suspicious activity and alert you or local authorities. Set up smart security alerts to deter intruders and manage your alarm system remotely. Create routines to simulate occupancy when away.

Door Communication system - access control systems

Door Communication

See visitors at your doorstep before opening the door with a door entry system. View visitors’ pictures when the doorbell rings, even when away from home, via your smartphone or tablet. Personalize welcome messages for visitors upon opening the door.

home control dashboard


Stay informed about your home and energy usage with visualization tools accessible anywhere, anytime. Customize your interface for tailored insights into your energy consumption.

How to Become a Professional KNX Installer?

We understand that it takes a bit of effort and time to obtain skills required to become an efficient KNX professional installer. That’s why we are here to help you at every step on that journey. Please contact us whenever you need extra information, our KNX Expert will follow up with you in a few weeks’ time to assist – if required – on your journey. Here is how we make it easier for you:

Step 1: Register to KNX Alliance

  • Create an account on the KNX website to access resources and training materials.
  • It’s free and give you access to all resources offered by international KNX Alliance, including initial, simple training on KNX and ETS tool.

Step 2: Complete ETS eCampus training

  • Access online training through your KNX account.
  • Receive a discount voucher for the ETS tool.
  • Optional: Watch KNX webinars for additional learning.

Step 3: Download and play with KNX Virtual

Step 4: Download ETS6

  • Download ETS6 software from your KNX account.
  • Receive discount vouchers for ETS license.
  • Choose between ETS Lite (up to 30 KNX devices) or stay with free demo ETS version (up to 5 KNX devices).

Step 5: Book online or in-class training

  • Enroll in extensive online training or attend KNX Basic in-Class Training with Certification exam.

Step 6: Acquire KNX devices

  • Obtain a set of KNX devices for hands-on practice before real projects.

Step 7: Seek assistance for your first KNX project

  • Let us know if you want to team up with an experienced KNX installer to help you on your first commercial KNX project.
  • Our KNX consultant can help you with designing, selecting Bill of Material (KNX devices), commissioning and programming on your first project.
  • While your first KNX project will be done to the customer’s requirements, you can learn on the job from more experienced colleague. 

Step 8: Request a quote for required devices

  • Request a quote from us on KNX and other devices required for your installation projects.
  • We offer over 2000 KNX products from renowned high-quality European brands, including DINUY, iPAS, Steinel, INTERRA, ZENNIO, ComfortClick bOS KNX gateways, CoolAutomation HVAC bridges, NICE gateway motors, and all the Z-Wave wireless devices you may need.

Ready to enjoy the full potential of a KNX smart automation?

Building Operating Systems bOS from ComfortClick

Building Operating Systems (bOS) from ComfortClick is a comprehensive platform for building automation and control. Here are the general steps to get started with it:

Step 1: Watch ComfortClick webinars

Watch two webinars to understand the product and its benefits better.

Step 2: Follow online training pages

Check and follow online training pages related to bOS ComfortClick for further learning.

Step 3: Download and install bOS Server

Download and install the bOS Server on your Windows laptop or PC for a free 30-day trial. This allows you to explore and familiarize yourself with the software.

Step 4: Obtain a bOS Starter Kit or gateway

  • Get a bOS starter kit or selected bOS gateway to practice with real equipment before working on actual projects.
  • The Starter Kit offer is at the bottom of this email, the pricelist is attached to this email.
  • You may place an order on our B2B portal or just contact us on email / phone.

Step 5: Request assistance for commercial projects

  • Let us know if you need help you on your first commercial ComfortClick bOS project.
  • We will help you to choose the right model of ComfortClick server and advise you on install, commissioning and integration steps.

Step 6: Request a quote for required devices

  • Request a quote from us on ComfortClick, KNX, Z-Wave and other devices required for your installation projects.
  • We can offer Dinuy, Interra, Steinel, Zennio branded KNX products, ComfortClick bOS gateways or bOS licence, CoolAutomation HVAC bridges, NICE gateways motors, HikVision, and all Z-Wave wireless devices you may need.

The Most Useful Links

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2. KNX platform offer

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Unlimited options with a unique choice of products

There are different options to start with our technology, according to your level of technical knowledge.

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