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After regular testing, Qubino has released full compatibility reports on Z-Wave supported gateways!

Qubino is a European based innovator and manufacturer of Smart Home devices. Qubino uses world leading, Z-Wave technology to provide innovation and simplicity to Home Automation. Qubino’s Smart Home solutions are the smallest Z-Wave devices in the world and strive to achieve the easiest and quickest installation possible.

By being Z-Wave certified Qubino is compatible with all certified gateways supporting the Z-Wave communication protocol (921.40 MHz in Australia). This means Qubino devices are highly compatible with some of our popular gateways, like the Vera Edge and Fibaro Home Center Lite.

To ensure all Qubino products are supported to Z-Wave gateways and devices, Qubino frequently runs compatibility test on all of their devices. Recently, Qubino has provided a summary of highly compatible Z-Wave gateways with detailed reports. These compatibility reports provide useful insights to anyone who’s using Z-Wave technology to power their Smart Home.

Check out the compatibility reports for some of our popular gateways to see if the Qubino range of devices is the right solution for your next Home Automation project.

Fibaro Home Center Lite

You can also find the full list of compatibility reports below.

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