The Best HikVision Smart Security Intercom is Here!

HikVision Intercom Kit Gen 2

Z-Wave Home Automation Australia has a new product, the HikVision Intercom Kit Gen 2! This powerful, all inclusive system is a perfect intercom solution for homes and offices.

Established in 2001, HikVision has since become an industry leader in Smart Home Security and Surveillance technology. This global company operates all over the world and offers high quality, affordable video surveillance devices for any project, including small homes, to large apartment buildings and offices.



The HikVision Intercom Kit Gen 2 is a package product which offers a complete, high quality intercom unit. The package contains:


  • 1 x Hikvision 2nd Gen IP Intercom DS-KD8003-IME1 Door Station with Camera, 1x Button, IP65, 12VDC/POE
  • 1 x Hikvision 2nd Gen. Intercom DS-KD-ACF1 Door Station Gang Box, Flush Mount, Supports 1 Module
  • 1 x Hikvision 2nd Gen IP Intercom, 7″ Touch Screen Room Station DS-KH6320-TE1 , 1024 x 600, 12VDC/POE
  • 1 x  Hikvision 4Port PoE Switch to power it


HikVision Intercom Kit Gen 2


The HikVision Intercom Kit offers a quality, affordable package which includes everything you need to set up a Smart Security intercom in your home. With impressive features like flexible modular range of IP intercoms, and a 2MP HD camera which supports up to 8 extension modules, this intercom unit offers excellent security capabilities.

Additionally, this powerful system is not only great for private homes with excellent video intercom features, but also for apartments and office buildings, with resident-to-resident video call to provide a complete smart community video intercom solution.

Please note: This product is not Z-Wave enabled, currently it is just a standalone system using the Hik-Connect app/software.

Find out more about this excellent system on it’s product page.


Hikvision 4Port PoE Switch


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