NICE Smart Home Automation Devices at Z-Wave Home Automation AUS

Z-Wave Home Automation Australia is proud to announce that we have begun selling a wide range of NICE Home Automation devices. We offer a complete range of NICE Gate and Garage Door devices to assist in your next Smart Home project.

About NICE Italy

Founded in Italy, NICE Automation is a multinational Building and Home Automation company, distributing their devices to over 100 countries from around the world. NICE Automation specialises in residential, commercial and industry systems for the automation and control of gates, garage doors, barriers, blinds and more. Their high quality European-made devices offer excellent solutions for Smart Homes across Australia.

NICE Home Automation

NICE Italy and Fibaro

In 2018, NICE Italy acquired Fibaro. Fibaro is a smart home leader based on the Internet of Things and Z-Wave technology.  While current Fibaro operations remain in Poland, NICE has introduced changes that will unite their Fibaro Smart Home range and their NICE gate/garage door controllers. With these changes NICE has created full native integration with the Fibaro Home Center 3 controller and NICE Gate and Garage Door controllers. This exciting new integration has meant Z-Wave enthusiasts and installers have an easy solution for high quality gate and garage door automation solutions with their Fibaro system.

Nice and Fibaro Integration

Our Range of Gate and Garage Door Automation Devices


Z-Wave Home Automation Australia offers a complete range of powerful, high quality European-made devices that will assist in automating garage doors or sliding and swing gates. NICE products are easy to use and simple to install, for all electricians and Smart Home experts. Their constant commitment to technological research and quality guarantees total safety and reliability. Nice means, peace of mind, both at home and away!

Nice Gate Automation Device

If you’re looking for a top quality, powerful system to automation your gate or garage door then NICE Italy’s devices are the perfect solution for you. Browse our range to find the right devices for your next Smart Home automation project.


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