Sparky Search – An Easy Way to Find Australian Electricians Near You!

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To help our customers find qualified and reliable electricians for Smart Home Installation and other electrical services, Z-Wave Home Automation Australia has partnered with Sparky Search.

Sparky Search is an Australian platform which aims to connect Australians with qualified electricians, offering a range of different services such as Smart Home Automation, Audio/Video Installations or General Electrical work. The process is easy, simply fill out the Sparky Search online form with information about the job you want done and they will find a qualified, local electrician for you!

Sparky Search is completely free to use and with their large database of electricians and professional from all across Australia they can easily find the perfect contractor for your request. After filling out their online form you can expect to be contacted by a professional in 24-48 hours!

How it works!

Sparky Search How it Works

Step 1: Fill in their form!

The search begins with you! Fill out the Sparky Search form to provide their system and staff with the necessary information to find the right electrician for the job. Their multiple choice questions are simple to fill out and provide them with more detailed information about your project, allowing them to find the perfect professional for you.

Step 2: Their Database of Professionals!

Once you’ve filled out the form and submitted your basic contact details they will get started in finding the right electrician. Their system and staff will search through a vast database of electricians and professionals and find the most experienced and suitable electricians for your specific project.

Step 3: Pick and Confirm

After searching their database the Sparky Search team will choose one or more suitable electricians for the job. These professionals will then receive the contact information you placed in the form and will reach out to you to discuss the project. Once you’ve chosen the electrician you prefer you can confirm with them and get started, it’s that easy!


If your looking for an expert electricians near you then we highly recommend checking out the Sparky Search website below!

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