New Z-Wave Smart Lighting Switch

zConnect 8ch switch module

November is here and Z-Wave Home Automation Australia is adding even more Z-Wave products to our online store. Our latest addition is the zConnect 8ch Switch Module! Find out more!

The zConnect 8ch Switch Module is the latest product on our online store and is a much needed addition to our Smart Lighting range. This zConnect 8ch switch module is a wireless Z-Wave enabled device and is fully compatible with any z-wave network with the same region Radio Frequency. The zConnect 8ch switch module is designed for residential and light commercial usage, primarily for integration with Z-Wave home automation controllers such as Fibaro HC3/Lite, Yubii Home Controller or similar.

There are situations when you want to install additional wall switch or you want to operate multiple light circuits around the house from one switch. Or you would like to have two or three way switching. Two-three way switching means having two-three or more switches in different locations to control one lamp.
To do it in traditional way will cost you a fortune. Just imagine bill for the ripping off plaster, running wires and install new plaster with paint job.

However if you have already have installed Z-Way network it is possible to do it with minimal cost. Install only one additional Z-Wave device – zConnect 8ch switch module.

Product Details

The zConnect 8ch switch module is a Z-Wave device that can control via associations other Z-Wave network devices using up to 8 switches connected to it. The Two-Way switching module can be connected to a optional (two-wire) temperature Probe. The device is powered by a 1/2 AA battery (ER14250) or an alternative 12-24V DC power source. zConnect 8ch switch module – can control other Z-Wave devices using standard switches connected to it.  The device supports commands such as: turn on, turn off, dim, as well as start scenes on the central controller.

The zConnect 8ch switch module supports encrypted communications via the Security Command Class to prevent hacking and supports the Over the Air (OTA) feature for the product’s firmware upgrade (subject availability on your Z-Wave Gateway).

This device designed and assembled in Australia.

zConnect 8 Channel Switch

Some key features include:

  • Allows you to control Z-Wave devices via wireless connection;
  • Battery life up to 4 years (2-3 clicks a day);
  • Can be powered with 12-24V DC power source;
  • Can be connected up to 8 switches/relays/dimmers;
  • Can operate independently from the central controller;
  • Has a low battery charge indicator;
  • Easy to use connectors;
  • Optional temperature-humidity sensor

You can purchase the new zConnect 8ch switch module today using the button below!

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