Z-Wave Christmas Sale and Coupon!

Z-Wave Christmas Coupon Banner

Merry Christmas from Z-Wave Home Automation Australia! Enjoy excellent Christmas deals and a limited time Christmas coupon! Find out more.

On top of our excellent discounts and deals, Z-Wave Home Automation Australia is offering an exclusive 10% off Christmas deal! Here’s how it works, by using the coupon code below you’ll receive an instant 5% OFF on all purchases on our online store. Once you’re placed an order you’ll receive an additional 5% of loyalty points on the purchase that you can spend instantly on your next order! This Christmas coupon and loyalty point deal can be used unlimitedly from the 1st of December 2021 until the 7th of January 2022!

Coupon Code: ZWAVEXMAS2021

If you’re not yet convinced, here are a few extra reasons! On top of these discounts Z-Wave Home Automation Australia provides FREE Shipping in Australia on ALL orders! Additionally, if you place the order before 2PM AEST we’ll ship it out to you on the same day. Finally, if you’d like help setting up and installing your Smart Home devices we can provide you with a simply solution to find qualified electricians in your area through our partner platform – Sparky Search! Simply fill out the online form on their website and an appropriate Aussie electrician will be in contact with you shortly. Check it out below!

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