Smarts Locked In! Smart Locks Explained

The end of the year is usually a time when we take a break and enjoy our favourite holiday destination. Whether it’s camping in the wilderness or lounging by the pool, one thing for sure is we’re usually not at home!

Unfortunately, this creates a great opportunity to theft and burglary to spike, and it does, every year without fail. Not the best news if you’re planning on getting away.

Good news is that Yale has got you covered! With their range of Smart Locks, you can travel safely knowing that no one will be prying open your front door. Combine this with a few more devices, such as Door/Window sensors and Multisensors, and you have the ability to monitor, lock and unlock your home from anywhere you might be. What’s more is that we have considerably lowered the price of these items to cater for this demand.

Yale Assure Lock – Keyed

The Yale Assure Digital Deadbolt (with key) is designed for seamless integration with any Z-Wave product or automated control systems allowing you to monitor the status of this device and usage through a centralised controller. It comes with Bluetooth natively, however when you purchase through us, you’ll get the Z-Wave module included, saving you $75RRP straight off the bat.

While you do not need a key to use this lock, it does come with a set which gives you the option of a manual overide should the batteries run out. This shouldn’t be a problem however, with most locks batteries lasting well over 18 months with regular use. You will also get a lot of warnings before they run out.

Yale Assure Lock – Keyless

The YALE Assure Keyless Digital Deadbolt combines a highly secure lockset with an elegant electronic interactive touchscreen. It allows users to effortlessly access their premises using their smartphone and to remotely open the door for visitors when they are away.

Forget carrying around keys; lock and unlock your home with your smartphone.
Share digital keys with friends and family, view access history and manage user settings, all from your Smart Phone.

This lock will fit in the place of your existing deadbolt and is compatible with all standard interior and exterior doors. Tapered features of the deadbolt allow it to be used even in applications where the door is not perfectly alligned. If this unit is to be controlled and managed by a single network controller, it is recomended that this Z-Wave lock be programmed through the centralized User Interface (UI) using a PC or hand-held device. This will ensure the best and most reliable communication to and from the deadbolt lock and centralized controller.

Yale Assure Z-Wave Module

For those who already have a digital lock but want to add it to their Z-Wave network, this module adds Z-wave connectivity to compatible Yale Assure & Real Living locks. Must be paired with a Z-wave controller (sold separately) in order to add remote control and access functionality to your Yale lock.

Compatible with Yale deadbolts available in Australia and New Zealand via official Assa Abloy re-sellers and installers

Not compatible with Yale NexTouch Locks. Also not compatible with Apple Home Kit.

Yale Assure Lock SL
This is the latest addition to the very well established Yale Assure range.

This sleek and modern touchscreen deadbolt allows homeowners to enjoy the convenience of 100% key free unlocking.

You’ll never have to carry around your keys again. Create unique pin codes for friends and family and remove codes whenever you need to.

Entry with the Touch of a Finger
Fingerprint readers are unique and highly secure. They are used to lock/unlock devices and apps, security systems and access control solutions without needing to remember the passwords, not to mention they are easier and faster to setup than most would think!

Benefits of the biometric finger print reader are obvious. It is quite easy to copy a key or write down an alarm code and pass it along to unauthorized persons. It is nearly impossible to duplicate another person’s fingerprint in a form that the scanner will recognize.

SK-2612-SFSQ can be easy integrated into Z-Wave ecosystem by attaching Z-Wave device with binary input such as the Fibaro Smart Implant or the Aeotec D/W7

•  500DPI Optical fingerprint reader
•  Up to 3,000 users (up to 1,000 fingerprint users, up to 2,000 PIN users)
•  User code length 4~6 digits
•  Fingerprint identification time – ≤1 second
•  Fingerprint false acceptance rate – ≤0.01%
•  Fingerprint false rejection rate – ≤0.1%
•  12VDC Operation
•  Form C relay output – 2A 12VDC
•  Tamper alarm output – 2.5A 12VDC
•  Adjustable relay output time – 100ms~99s or toggle
•  Weatherproof – IP66
•  Illuminated fingerprint reader window
•  Wiegand output
•  2-Door interlock

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