Creative Solutions with Vera

Smart Home

Vera is a great and inexpensive solution for Smart Home automation, but don’t let its price deceive you… there’s plenty of functionality in its simplicity! Find out more.

The great thing about Vera is that it’s budget and DIY friendly, meaning almost anyone can pick up their devices and transform their house into a Smart Home. Thanks to Z-Wave technology Vera is an easy to set up and use system.


Vera automation can improve the comfort and convenience in your home.  Through Smart Home scenes Vera can be configured to automate aspects of your day-to-day routines. Imagine waking up to a warm home and fresh coffee every morning, with Vera it’s possible! Best of all solutions like these are easier than you may think, all it takes is a Vera controller, Smart thermostat, and Smart Plug. Another useful feature is Geofencing. Using the Geofencing feature on the VeraMobile App your home controller can turn on lights, garage doors, turn up thermostats and disable alarms before you step through the door, meaning you can arrive to a comfortable home.


Smart Home Security is one of the most popular solutions, but many devices and professionals can cost a fortune. Vera makes Smart Home Security simple and cost effective. With Vera, DIY solutions that allow you to remotely monitor your home from anywhere in the world are easy. Using the powerful Z-Wave Network intruders will think twice and users can have the tools to provide proof of a break in if necessary. While keeping your home secure when your away is important Vera also helps to warn off intruders and protect your privacy. Through programming an Evening scene, you can fade in exterior lights and lower blinds to ensure your privacy. Vera offers endless security solutions, including a virtual guard dog, check out more below!

With Vera the possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your creativity! Check out how others are using their Vera system below!

Vera Competition

Vera Control is currently organising a giveaway to Vera users, offering a prize for the best Smart Home Story. This competition has sparked responses from some very creative users who have fun and inspiring solutions for their Smart Home using Vera. From virtual guard dogs to haunted houses Vera has some entertaining stories to share, check them out below! Additionally, if you have a funny story or creative solution to share there’s still time to submit your story for a chance to win a prize.

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