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How to Choose the Right Automatic Swing Gate Openers

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Automatic swing gate openers are a popular choice for residential and commercial properties alike. They offer convenience, security, and a touch of modern sophistication. However, choosing the right automatic swing gate opener can be a daunting task, given the multitude of options available on the market. This article will guide you through the essential factors to consider when selecting the perfect automatic swing gate opener for your needs.

What is Automatic Swing Gate Opener?

Before diving into the selection process, it’s important to understand what an automatic swing gate opener is and how it works. An automatic swing gate opener is a device that automates the opening and closing of swing gates, which are gates that move in an arc, similar to a door. These openers typically include a motor, control panel, and sometimes remote control systems.

Swing gate openers can be powered by various energy sources, including electricity, solar power, and battery backups. They also come in different configurations to handle single or double gate panels. Understanding these basics will help you make an informed decision.

Types of Automatic Swing Gate Openers

There are three main types of automatic swing gate openers available in Australia:

1. Linear swing gate openers

These are the most commonly used type of swing gate opener. They use a long, linear arm to push or pull the gate open. Linear swing gate openers are a good option for most residential and commercial applications.

Linear swing gate openers


2. Articulated arm swing gate openers

Also known as crank arm operators, these openers are ideal for gates with wide posts or gates that need to open in a limited space. They use an articulated arm to swing the gate open.

Articulated arm swing gate openers

3. Underground swing gate openers

These openers are the most discreet option, as they are hidden underground. They use a piston or screw drive to pivot the gate open from below. Underground swing gate openers are a good option for high-security applications or for situations where aesthetics are important.

underground swing gate openers

The best type of automatic swing gate opener for you will depend on the size and weight of your gate, the amount of space you have available, and your budget.

Choosing the Right Swing Gate and Automatic Swing Gate Opener for Your Property

Every property has unique requirements, and therefore no single swing gate can meet all needs. The swing gate needs of a large industrial or commercial property differ significantly from those of a small private property. When selecting the best swing gate, consider factors such as security, privacy, convenience, and aesthetics. Additionally, local regulations regarding gates and fences may also need to be considered. Below, we list various types of swing gates and the properties they are best suited for.

Single Swing Gate

A single swing gate is the epitome of simplicity—one panel that swings on a single set of hinges. These gates are ideal for smaller, private properties as they require less space and do not need a high-powered automatic gate opener. Single swing gates offer extensive customization options in design and materials, allowing you to match your property’s aesthetics and budget. While these gates can be quite sturdy, the material should be chosen based on the security needs of your property.

Single Swing Gate - automatic swing gate openers

Double Swing Gate

Double swing gates are grand and dramatic, often evoking the image of entering an impressive establishment. These gates consist of two panels and take up more space, making them suitable for larger properties with ample space and wide driveways. Double swing gates are also very secure and available in a variety of materials and styles to fit your specific requirements.

Double Swing Gate Motors - automatic swing gate openers

Bi-Folding Swing Gate

Bi-folding swing gates are perfect for smaller properties that still require a swing gate. These gates feature two panels that hinge in the center, making them ideal for properties with upward sloping driveways or limited space. Custom-built bi-folding gates can be more expensive but provide essential driveway security that may not be achievable otherwise.

Custom Swing Gate

If your property has unique challenges, such as heavy snowfall, sloped driveways, or specific security concerns, a custom swing gate may be the best option. Custom swing gates can be tailored to fit your exact needs, including the choice of materials, design, and features like security cameras, access controls, and automatic openers. Although this is the most expensive option, it ensures you get a gate that perfectly suits your property.

By considering these options and the specific needs of your property, you can choose a swing gate and automatic opener that are efficient, reliable, safe, and within your budget.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Automatic Swing Gate Opener

When selecting the right automatic swing gate opener, several factors should be considered to ensure you get the best fit for your needs:

1. Gate Size and Weight

When choosing an automatic swing gate opener, consider the type of gate you need. Are you looking for a small, wooden residential gate or a metal gate for commercial use? Do you prefer a single swing gate or double swing gates? These factors are crucial in selecting the best automatic swing gate opening system for your needs.

For optimal performance, ensure the automatic swing gate operator can handle your gate’s weight. Generally, aluminum and wooden gates are lighter than iron or steel gates, but you need to know the exact weight and dimensions of your gates to choose a compatible opener.

2. Frequency of Use

Consider how often the gate will be used. For residential properties with moderate use, standard openers will suffice. For commercial properties with high traffic, you might need a heavy-duty opener designed for frequent operation.

3. Power Source

Swing gate openers operate on electricity and need to be either wired to an electrical outlet or connected to a renewable energy source such as solar or wind power. If using an electrical outlet, consider its voltage capacity. Some openers require more power than a standard outlet can provide and may need specialty wiring. Additionally, consider having a backup opening device in case of a power failure.

4. Climate and Environment

The climate and environmental conditions of your location play a significant role in choosing an opener. For instance, hydraulic openers are better suited for extreme weather conditions as they are less affected by temperature variations. Ensure the opener is rated for outdoor use and can withstand the local weather.

5. Gate Safety Features

Safety is paramount when choosing a swing gate opener. Most modern openers include safety features like obstruction detection, which stops the gate from closing if something is in the way. This feature is vital for protecting cars, children, and pets. Additionally, the ability to manually open and close the gate during a power failure is essential. Some systems can be equipped with safety cameras that activate when the gate opens, beneficial for high-traffic commercial sites.

6. Security Features

Automatic gate openers enhance security by controlling access to your property. Consider additional security features like keypads, intercom systems, and remote controls with rolling code technology to prevent unauthorized access.

7. Installation Requirements

Some gate openers are easier to install than others. If you prefer a DIY installation, look for models with straightforward installation processes and clear instructions. However, for complex systems like underground or hydraulic openers, professional installation might be necessary.

8. Maintenance and Durability

Consider the maintenance requirements and durability of the opener. Electromechanical openers typically require less maintenance compared to hydraulic ones. Check the warranty and the availability of replacement parts to ensure long-term reliability.

9. Aesthetics

The appearance of the gate opener might be important, especially for residential properties. Underground openers offer the best aesthetic appeal as they are hidden from view, but articulated arm openers also provide a sleek look.

10. Budget

Finally, your budget will significantly influence your choice. While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, investing in a quality opener will save you money in the long run by reducing maintenance costs and increasing durability.

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing an Automatic Swing Gate Opener

Step 1: Determine the Appropriate Power Output for Your Gates

Electric gate motors typically come with two types of power outputs: 230v or 24v. Both can be directly wired to your mains power. The number of gate operations per hour will determine the appropriate power output.

  • 230v Motors: Suitable for gates that open infrequently (5-15 times an hour). Ideal for standard residential use.
  • 24v Motors: Recommended for gates used more frequently (more than 15 times per hour). These systems run cooler, allowing for intensive use, and are typically found on commercial or communal properties.

Selecting a motor that matches your expected usage ensures durability and safe operation.

Step 2: Measure Your Gate Dimensions

Electric gate motors are designed to operate gates within specific weight and width parameters. Each manufacturer specifies a maximum weight and width for their motors to ensure reliable and safe operation.

  • Weight: Ensure the motor can handle the weight of your gate. Under-powered motors may not reach their opening/closing points, while over-powered motors could damage the gate or hinges.
  • Width: The motor mechanism should match the width of your gate. Motors can generally handle a gate width that is equal to or less than their specified maximum width.

Step 3: Understand the Geometry Requirements for the Motor

Linear rams are the most common type of on-gate electric motors and operate gates through a curved trajectory. The geometry of the motor’s opening and closing cycle is defined by the ‘A & B’ measurements, determined by the motor’s stroke length.

  • A/B Measurements: Calculated by dividing the effective stroke length (stroke length minus 15-20mm for the manufacturer’s provision) by 2. These measurements dictate the optimal pivot point for mounting the motor.

For example, for the myAster 3TI:

  • Stroke length: 315mm
  • Provision: 15mm
  • Effective stroke length: 300mm
  • A = 150mm, B = 150mm

These measurements ensure optimal mechanical leverage.

Step 4: Install the Linear Ram Electric Gate Motor

The motor attaches to its bracket via a pin, allowing it to pivot during operation. The bracket must be mounted so the motor’s pivot point aligns with the A & B measurements (and D measurement for side-hung gates).

  • Measurements Needed:
    • Pillar Width
    • Hinge Distance from Pillar

If your pillar width is insufficient to mount the bracket directly, an additional post or an adapted bracket may be necessary.

Step 5: Ensure You Can Install Gate Stops

Most electric gate motors require physical stops at the end of the opening and closing cycles. These stops provide resistance, signaling the motors to stop. Without them, motors may overextend, causing eventual failure.

  • Common Issues: Sloping driveways or gates raised significantly off the ground may prevent the installation of stops. In such cases, a specialized ram with in-built mechanical stops will be needed.

Step 6: Choose the Right Motor

With all necessary information about your gate setup and motor requirements, you can now filter down to the appropriate electric gate motor for your needs. This data helps identify the motor that best suits your specific installation requirements.


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