CES 2020: Fibaro Announces the Home Center 3

Many of you might have heard of CES before, but for the uninitiated, CES is a yearly gathering of tech companies, manufacturers and innovators from around the globe where they showcase their latest and greatest advancements in technology!

In Las Vegas this year, Fibaro made waves with the announcement of their new Home Center 3!

The Home Center 3 is a big improvement on the already robust Home Center 2 system which has been on the market now for quite some time. Thanks to updates in both the hardware used and the firmware supplied, Fibaro has been able to make the following updates. Compared to the Home Center 2, the new Home Center 3 will have:

  • 50% better range, up to 150m unobstructed
  • 2 times more RAM, now 2GB
  • 1.3 times faster CPU, now 4×1.2GHz
  • 4 times more storage, now 8GB

Adding to that, the Home Center 3 will also seamlessly integrate with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wifi, IFTT, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts to name a few. Top of the list for us however, is that the new Home Center 3 will integrate directly with Nice gates and motors!

We do not have an exact timeline of when the New Fibaro Home Center 3 is expected to arrive in Australia, however we believe it to be in the second half of 2020. We will keep you all in the loop and as we find out more information, we will share it with you!

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